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State of the Union Address

So last night at work we listened to the Little Lord's State of the Union address. Although I'm willing to admit there are issues that this administration is publicizing that I'm relieved to finally see given real airtime (AIDS in Africa, the very real contribution that immigrants make to our economy and culture, etc.), I still think we're on a sinking ship, and here's why:

1. The president repeatedly refers to both making tax "relief" permanent and recognizing that democracy requires "strong, accountable institutions," and "institutions for education, science and medicine." What exactly does the president think pays for and supports those "strong, accountable institutions?" Shifting even more support away from publically-owned institutions (funded via tax dollars) to privately-funded solutions is just going to exacerbate the problems we have now: out-of-control backdoor lobbying, conflicts of interests and opaque informational systems.

2. The president repeatedly refers to guarding against an isolationist stance (which I agree with) and with the production capabilities of the American worker. That's all fine and good, but it completely misses the point that as we march into our mechanized future, there are going to be fewer and fewer production-based jobs that require human beings and, in the end, there are going to be fewer and fewer traditional "jobs." The old system of rampant production and consumption isn't going to work, not on an economic, spiritual or environmental level. "Buy American" is no longer going to work, period, and until people begin to recognize this no real structural changes are going to be made to accomodate it. Instead we're going to keep making political and personal decisions based on a system that's already on its way out the door. That said, instead of viewing the onslaught of retiring Baby Boomers as a burden, we should be viewing them as an incredible resource for non-profit institutions. There is no reason we cannot tie public benefits (ie, "entitlements") with public service. Not only would this strengthen our communities and enrich the lives of often lonely and isolated older folks, it would provide many needed services for the numerous disenfranchised sectors of our society.

3. For all his talk about changing the shape of the future, his administration (and each before it) still frames everything in the language of "In a system of two parties..." and "In a market-based global economy..." Funny how we're allowed to be visionaries on any front that doesn't actually challenge the primacy of our crappy two-party system or exploitative market-based economies. So basically, change the future, but not so much that you displace what keeps our elite in their seats. Whatever.

4. History Lesson: I am SO tired of the WWII myth. Listen up folks, WE did not win World War II. WE did not carry the brunt of that war and WE shouldn't be so proud of our place in it. When the president (and everyone else) makes ridiculous statements like "We are the nation that saved liberty in Europe," it only shows the rest of the world 1. how ill-educated we are on our very own history and 2. how blindly nationalistic we are. The Russians carried that war and won it, whether or not they were there for the glory moments. Kinda like Reagan taking credit for Carter's hostage negotiations, we've taken credit for the 20million Russian lives sacrficed and lost to fighting the Nazis. Please stop perpetuating this myth. PLEASE. And, on that note, stop using WWII as a justification for the creation of Isreal. I'm definitely for the "what's done is done" view but stop trying to convince me that the Zionists somehow deserve Isreal because the Germans tried wiping them out. If that were the case there would also be a Gaylandia and Cripakastan for the other 2 'aberrations' the Nazis tried to wipe out: homosexuals and folks with birth defects.

5. Choice: Okay, I know this is OBVIOUS but how the hell does he get to use "Choose your own future" rhetoric and still impede a woman's right to choose an abortion? True, I don't think I could ever make the choice to have one myself but I still recognize that it's not MY choice to make. Furthermore, systemically blocking access and information about birth control and abortion is setting us up for more crime, more poverty and more seriously pissed off people.

6. God Talk: I'm so tired of Jesusland. Seriously. If and when I need spiritual guidance, I will consult my priest/iman/rabbi/horoscope/lawn/whatever. In the meantime, I expect the president to act like the PUBLIC SERVANT that he is and not the Christian Soldier. And, if he's unable to do that, I consider it a breach of contract. What does the Declaration of Independence say about breach of contract again? I'm just saying.
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